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Pics from Holiday Vacation

Hi Friends,

Attached below are a smattering of photos from my vacation through southern Africa over the holiday break.  They are, unfortunately, in random chronological order.  Enjoy!

Maputo train station


World War I monument, Maputo


Downtown Maputo

Fresh honey at the Mercado Central

Entrance to the Mercado Central

Main cathedral, Maputo

Random Art Deco, Maputo


The Fish Market, Maputo

Apparently, Domino's has made it all the way to Maputo

More Art Deco, Maputo

The bar at the backpackers in Ponta where we stayed

New Year's Eve, Ponta d'Ouro

John, Kristy, and myself, Gamboozini Lodge, Ponta d'Ouro





Dilapidated old lighthouse in Ponta



Our lizard friend, Ponta

Draught beer, a kilo of fresh prawns, and peri peri sauce. Could there be anything better?

Random fruit/veg & curio market in KZN along the way to border crossing

Dung beetles in... their natural habitat. St. Lucia, SA

Horseback ride through a game park, St. Lucia. Being on horseback allowed us to get within fifty feet of most of the animals.

Hippos in the St. Lucia estuary...

Me, a horse, wild animals.

Warthog family, St. Lucia


The beach, Ponta

An army of locusts marched across our path on our way to the beach one morning.

Wild dolphin swimming, Ponta

Beautiful mosque in the middle of downtown Maputo

Maputo; notice the street signs

Guided hike through the wetlands, St. Lucia

On our way to KZN, near the Lebombo mountains


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