Be it how it will, do right now.

Full of Possibilities

In less than two months – seven short weeks, to be exact – I’ll lend my less than swift efforts to the KLM Foundation, as one of many South African Peace Corps Volunteers running to raise money for this charitable organization.  I’d like to invite you to take part, too, and help support massively needed educational empowerment in rural South Africa.

As those of you who generously donated last year remember, KLM is an NGO that focuses on education, started initially by two PCVs many years ago.  Each year, through a tried and true selection process, the foundation selects one gifted student to attend Uplands College – a premier secondary school in South Africa – and pays their way for the duration of their education there.

The money they raise pays for room, board, books, supplies, activities, and travel for all four years.  It covers every possible cost and even provides a tutor of sorts to assist with the challenges of adjusting – part of their one-year bridging program to help learners from rural areas adjust to the different lifestyle.

For those who donated last year, thank you, and I hope you’ll consider matching your previous contributions again this year.  I understand times are tough and money is tight, but this isn’t one of those feed-an-orphan-for-a-penny-a-day rackets.  Your money goes directly to KLM and to this child.  Period.

If you haven’t yet contributed, please take a look at the attached press announcement for last year’s student, Amira Dube.  This is where your money will go – to her and the eight other KLM students currently sponsored.  To learn more about the program and the other students, take a look at their website.

If you feel so inclined, click on the “Donate Now” tab at the top-right corner and follow the directions.  Please remember to put my name as the runner you are sponsoring.  All donations are tax deductible.

D.H. Lawrence wrote, “The world is supposed to be full of possibilities, but they narrow down to pretty few in most personal experience.”  Your decision to contribute to KLM, to support a young South African learner with immeasurable potential, will help stay that narrowing for one gifted child.



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